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Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring has been providing concrete services to customers throughout Laguna Hills since 1990, with abilities that include cutting, coring, perfect hand breaking of concrete, decorative concrete cutting and more. Contact us today to experience unparalleled customer service and to get a free estimate on our services as they apply to your project.

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If you have a concrete project that requires cutting, coring, drilling or breaking, let our talented team provide you with high-precision results.
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After your concrete is poured and paved and the time comes for modification, turn to Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring for a wide variety of concrete services in Laguna Hills, CA. We’re staffed with expert personnel of 30+ years and all of the equipment necessary to assist you when it comes to concrete work. Our abilities include general cutting and coring, as well as drilling and breaking, and even decorative concrete cutting. All of the work we do is undertaken with a complex eye for precision, resulting in a job well done no matter the scope of work!

Our concrete contractors in Laguna Hills, CA are the secret to our success. Not only are they backed by decades of hands-on experience, their abilities span all types of projects. From coring to access curbside underground utilities, to decorative hand-cut lines that are perfectly straight and symmetrical, our abilities qualify us for nearly any job you have. And, with a focus on the details and precision, you can expect nothing short of stellar results, no matter what. Plus, everything we do is backed by a focus on our customers. As a small business, we always strive to earn the trust of our clients and make sure their every need is met. Call us with your next concrete project and experience our first-rate service and results for yourself!

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"Jeff always does a great job! Used them many times over many notch!"

Ward N

"The owner showed up to do the work. Extremely knowledgeable! Cut a very straight line. Cleaned up everything! So worth it. Would highly recommend."

Rita N

I emailed Jeff at 5:00 am on a Monday, received a call at about 6:00am, scheduled the job for Tuesday, and they are done right on time. Great work and great equipment.

Richard Maul

Do you cut from the inside or outside of the structure?


We can cut from either side. Cutting the concrete from the exterior to the interior wall will cause most of the water used to eliminate dust and to cool our blades to be deposited outside. However, necessary measures can be taken when cutting from the interior wall to eliminate the dust.


What happens to the slurry (water and concrete dust) that is created by the saw while performing cuts?


We offer the service of water control which entails using industrial wet/dry vacuums while performing the work and construction grade plastic wrap to cover any valuables in the process.


There won’t be any dust or mess! We use diamond segmented saw blades and water to cut your concrete. As the water hits the blade, it traps any dust particles and produces a liquid substance that we call “slurry”, which is then vacuumed up. This is what we refer to as ‘water control’ and it is available on each and every project at the request of the customer. There will not be any toxic dust clouds.


Why use Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring over the other companies?


Besides the fact that we provide unmatched quality, competitive pricing, and offer courteous service, Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring uses the most advanced diamond concrete cutting technology and employs only the best people in the industry. You will never talk to a machine, we believe in top notch customer service and we have built our reputation on getting the job done safely, efficiently and on your schedule.


What Level Of Experience Does The Ohio Concrete Team Have?

We have several operators with decades of experience with our company. Safety is our primary objective when we come to your job-site, which comes with familiarity of the equipment, process, and job-site procedures.


Can You Drill A Hole Into A Ceiling Or On An Angle?

Yes, Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring drilling rig can be set up to operate upside down and can be adjusted to drill on any angle. It is easiest to drill down, since water is used in our applications and gravity helps keep the water at the proper cutting location.


Do You Have To Use Water When Sawing?

No, it is possible to saw without water. However, when sawing dry, dust can be difficult to control. With the recent OSHA Silica requirements, it is Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring preference to use water where we can to make sure we maintain a safe working environment for your employees and ours as well. Please see the Silica safety page for more information about how this contractors is staying compliant and taking strides to make sure we are safe.


What Is Silica And What Are The New OSHA Requirements?

Silica is the dust produced during cutting operations. Dust is minimized by using water at the cutting location. OSHA’s 2017 standards are extensive and should be followed. There is more information regarding this at OSHA’s site and our Silica safety page.


How long does the concrete cutting process take?

Generally, a doorway "Cut, Drop and Break" takes between 3 to 4 hours from the time we arrived until the time we leave. The time can vary significantly for other types of concrete cutting and we can determine the amount of time required as soon as you explain your concrete cutting project to us.


Do you remove the concrete from site?

In most residential cases it is not cost effective for us to remove the concrete from site, although we do offer this service, it is very expensive. We do, however, jackhammer or "Break Up" the concrete into manageable football size pieces for easy handling for an additional charge.


Do You Strictly Construction or Will You Assist Residential and Industrial Projects?

Here at Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring no job is too small or large. Commercial, residential and industrial are all sites we have been on in the past. If you’ve got a need for concrete cutting we have the equipment and staff to do it.


How do you core drill?


Core drilling is used for drilling circular holes in concrete for a variety of applications: plumbing, fencing, electrical, pipe bollards and the list goes on. A core drill is basically a heavy duty drill press that can be bolted to a concrete wall or slab. Bit sizes range form ½” to 60” in diameter, and they have diamond or other material attached to the cutting surface.


What can you expect when concrete cutting is being performed at your residence or commercial site?

Concrete cutting has been around for years and is somewhat of a dirty job. We use water for everything we cut to keep concrete dust down. The water can be minimized to an extent to decrease the excess water in your basement. Tarps and plastic are being placed around the area or at least in front of the blade to stop a fine mist of water that comes through when cutting a wall.


How do the diamond saws work?


The diamond crystals, which are relatively small, do the cutting. The cutting action is done by grinding the material away.